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Saturday, July 10, 2010

CONTIAGO - Bio-Ion Therapeutic Mattress Pad


The resonance of far infra red rays from the CONTIAGO BIO-ION THERAPEUTIC MATTRES PAD within the vibrational frequency of 8-14 microns causes body cells to absorb the energy of infrared rays providing warming effects that dilates the arteries, blood vessels and tiny capillaries. Circulation and metabolism dramatically increases and the cellular level of the body system starts moving faster providing more energy and vitality to the body. As a result you will tend to feel more alert and refreshed during your working hours.


Far infrared rays in the CONTIAGO BIO-ION THERAPEUTIC MATTRESS PAD can aid in weight loss by helping to speed up metabolic process of vital organs and endocrine glands resulting in gradual caloric loss. Weight loss occurs because body fat becomes water soluble at higher temperatures which can then be excreted through sweat.


With the far infrared rays in the CONTIAGO BIO-ION THERAPEUTIC MATTRESS PAD acting on the body, the increase in body temperature is identical to the body’s defense mechanism against improves the immune system due to the increased production of white blood cells by the bone narrow and thymus.


High levels of stress places severe strain on the body’s nervous system and is one of the leading cause of many chronic diseases. With the expansion of capillary vessels and the improvement of blood circulation through the far infrared rays, physical stress levels can be reduced substantially. That is why sleeping on the CONTIAGO BIO-ION THERAPEUTIC MATTRESS PAD can help provide important stress relief and stress reduction for users.

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