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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beyond Water - bio active reforming system

As the daily intake of healthy, clean water is a vital prerequisite for good health, with Beyond Water™, it is now possible for you to have source of Natural Living Water right in your own home or office!

The importance of drinking pure, natural and energised healthy drinking water

There are many water systems in the market today. Most of them are variations of filters in one type or another and claim to effectively remove sediment, minerals and possible harmful ingredients from your drinking water. However, the purpose of an exceptional water filtration, purification and activation system such as Beyond Water™ is not only to simply remove foreign residue and dangerous contaminants but to provide pure, natural and energised healthy drinking water. Beyond Water™ consists of 7 chambers of filtration media, which is able to remove the widest spectrum of harmful and dangerous contaminants, reducing water molecule cluster size with far-infrared rays and magnetising the water to stabilise water molecules for better health.

With an all-new sleek body design, the Beyond Water™ 2nd generation improved model comes with even more enhanced features to provide more significant benefits including the innovative use of advanced Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Balls, which brilliantly enhance microorganism and bacterial elimination from the water as well as the addition of Calcium Alkali Ceramic Balls that help to control the water pH and further enhance the mineral content in the water. Beyond Water™¡¯s Natural Living Water is created by reforming water through a unique combination of 13 types of quality filtration, purification and activation media as well as an end-stage magnetiser, thus providing you with a tremendous opportunity to promote a healthy lifestyle wherever you are.

Beyond Water™consists of 7 advanced filter chambers and a powerful end-stage magnetiser:

Ultra I (single filter chamber)

Pre-treatment to remove suspended particles, sediments and waste matters. Pre-sterilisation to reduce microorganisms, bacterial cysts, bad odour and taste. Controls pH of water.

3-Stage Sterilised Silver Impregnated Ceramic Filter
Granulated Calcite Mineral Stones

Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Balls

Terminator II (twin filter chambers)

Terminates and eliminates contaminants such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, VOCs, THMs, ammonia, radioactive caesium, heavy metals, odour, bad taste and turbidity.

Food Grade High Rigid Compression Foam
Food Grade Water Diffuser

Patented KDF 55® Process Medium
Zeolite (Surfactant-Modified Aluminosilicates)

Silver Impregnated Granulated High-Activated Carbon
High Density Activated Carbon Block

Monitor III (twin filter chambers)

Purifies, improves and polishes water with enhanced removal of all possible remaining trace contaminants.

Food Grade High Rigid Compression Foam
Food Grade Water Diffuser

High Efficiency Far Infrared Bio-Balls (White)
High Efficiency Far Infrared Bio-Balls (Brown)

Granulated Pyrolox® (Manganese Dioxide)
Silver Impregnated Granulated High-Activated Carbon
High Density Activated Carbon Block

Activator IV (twin filter chambers)

Final enhancement of purification, sterilisation and deodorisation function. Reduces water cluster size. Changes and activates "Living Bio-Energy" in water. Increases beneficial minerals in water. Adjusts and stabilises water pH.

Food Grade High Rigid Compression Foam

Food Grade Water Diffuser
Calcium Alkali Ceramic Balls

Nano Silver Anti-Bacterial Balls
High Efficiency Far Infrared Bio-Balls (Tourmaline)

High Efficiency Far Infrared Bio-Balls (Red)
Silver Impregnated Granulated High-Activated Carbon

High Density Activated Carbon Block

Flow-delayed water stabilising tunnel (magnetiser)

Contains a powerful High Power Neodymium Permanent Magnetising Device that magnetises and stabilises the water, providing healing and "living bio-energy" properties to those who consume it.

Special features of beyond water™

  • New high-tech, slim & redefined body design -> Featuring an all new sleek and attractive body design that is a true visual pleasure.
  • Unique combination of superior filter media -> Utilises 13 types of top quality filter media that effectively eliminates impurities, odours, bad taste and turbidity while activating the water molecules.
  • Excellent filtration, purification, activation and magnetising performance -> The end result is clean and healthy Natural Living Water that resonates with our body fluids for significant health-enhancing benefits.
  • Vibra-compaction filling process -> An advanced media filling technology where each specific layer of filtering media is neatly and tightly compacted in place for optimum function.
  • Bottom-to-top, water upflow design -> Reduces the water Flow Rate which consequently increases and maximises water contact time for even more effective water purification and treatment.
  • Parallel flow technology -> Slows down the water Flow Rate and maximises contact time between the filtering media and the water, thus removing a broader range of impurities and contaminants.
  • Longer operating lifespan -> Up to more than 5 times in comparison with other conventional water filter systems available in the market today.
  • Full transparent filter chambers -> Offering you the best in premium filter media quality and 100% media compactness in each and every filter chamber.
  • Convenient, hassle-free installation -> comes with a simple and quick installation guide that enables you to assemble the unit in a matter of minutes.

    Product Liability

    Beyond water™ product liability insurance Beyond Water™ is covered by a USD 1 million product liability insurance to ensure you are able to enjoy its functionality at an optimal level without having to worry about any product defects.

    Product Warranty

    Beyond water™product warranty Beyond Water™ is covered by a 1 year Product Warranty that ensures you peace of mind to use this unique product to your full enjoyment.

Product Code : BW 5202
Quantity       : 1 complete set

*New price revision 2011

Price             : MYR 3,453.00 (for customer within Malaysia)
                     USD 1,185.00 (for customer out side Malaysia)

*Price inclusive transportation


  1. i dah guna dah produk ni since i ada anak..takut tengok pencemaran yang melanda dunia sekarang nih..produk penapis air beyond memang produk yang bagus..walaupun mahal la sikit..
    tapi berbaloi dari kita mengeluarkan duit untuk bayar doktor sebab asyik sakit disebabkan pencemaran..sayangi keluarga anda!! salam

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